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Satan, and his servants
have been attacking America, and
“winning,” because we (as Christians)
have been divided, and falling ‐‐
which should NOT have
been happening.

have been given power,
and authority, over Satan, and over
the entire Kingdom of Darkness, etc.  But,
when there is sin in the camp, or among us
(and division is a sin, among many others),
our power and authority is nullified, and
we are powerless, before our enemies.

And, Satan, and his servants
are “everyone’s” enemies,
because Satan doesn’t
love anyone.

Satan is a thief,
and the father of lies,
as well as a murderer, from
the beginning, a great waster,
and more.  In other words,
Satan is “no good,”
for anyone.]

if you are able to perceive,
that falling represents an EMERGENCY
(because of the killing, stealing, destroying,
and more, that always accompanies falling,
before Satan, and his many servants),
please leave us a message,
at (855) JESUS ‐ IS
(Voice Mail).

God wants you to be the head, and not the tail;
the top, and not the bottom; and the first, and not the last.

And, in fact, if you are a “born-again” Believer, or a Christian,
God has made you greater, than any man, prophet, or king,
to have ever been born of a woman, in the entire
Old Testament (see Lu. 7:19-28).

what God has done, before,
for various people, He can do, again, for you, or
through you, or because of you, or perhaps even in spite of you ‐‐
that is, if you “believe” that He can, and that He WILL,
when you “ask” Him to.

The “written” Word of God even tells us,
that Jesus will do, whatever we ask Him to,
and that we have NOT, because we ask NOT. 

So, if we want things, we must “ask” for them. 
And, asking is done in prayer.  And, prayer is WORK.

It is time for us, and also for the rest of the Body of Christ,
or the Church (of which there is really only “one”), to TAKE
our inheritance, and to exercise our power, and authority,
by taking our God-given positions, and roles seriously,
and overcoming the world, the flesh, and the devil
(rather than continuing to let them prevail).  And,
we can do that, if we will both hear the Word of God,
and do it, especially with regard to our being united, and
standing, and overcoming, rather than continuing to be divided,
and continuing to fall, and continuing to be overcome, by Satan,
and by his many servants (who want to steal, kill, destroy,
enslave, oppress, terrorize, deceive, and more).

And, being our united, as Believers,
is particularly important, when
it comes to praying, along
with everything else,
that we must do.

Therefore, again,
if you are able to perceive, that
our being divided, and falling (as Christians)
represents an EMERGENCY, please leave us a message,
at (855) JESUS ‐ IS (a 24/7 Voice Mail).

may God bless you,
and yours, and all of us. 
Help us, Lord. 


P.S.  Jesus has commanded us, to be gathered, or united (as Believers, or as Christians), and He has also commanded us, to help Him gather, or unite those who believe in Him, because they have heard the Word of God being preached, and they believe, because of it (see Mat. 12:30, and Rom. 10:17).  And, those who refuse to obey Jesus, with regard to obeying either of these commandments (or others), will be destroyed, from among God’s people (see Acts 3:22-23).  And, today, God’s people are called Believers, or Christians.  Therefore, if you believe in Jesus, and you want to be found “worthy” of getting into heaven, as well as “worthy” of realizing any of His many other promises, while you are still living here, on this earth, please unite with us, in the wonderful name of Jesus.  And, you can start that process, by leaving us a message, at (855) JESUS – IS (a 24/7 Voice Mail).  May those who have ears to hear God’s Word (which is referring to God’s “written” Word (or the Holy Bible), as well as to God’s “living” Word (or Jesus)), both hear, and respond, to God’s call for unity, among those who believe in Jesus, and who obey Him, because they love Him (see John 14:15-26).  May all of us put the Word of God first, in every aspect of our lives.  And, may all of us be blessed, because of it.  Help us, Lord.  Amen.